Kola MMC update equipment

In the melting shop of the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company installed a new electric overhead bucket crane.

The newly acquired equipment will replace the old, to develop their technological resources. The lifting device is manufactured at an engineering factory in Junction Tula region. Its load capacity of 20 t

The new bridge grabbing crane is designed for bulk materials. He will serve the plot dehydration toxins. In the area of tap special baths, in which slag from the furnace enters the water. With the help of hoisting equipment (grab) valve first scoops of bath granular product, stores it to dry, and then ship the slag in heavy machinery for export in the dumps.

The cost of the hoist about 17 million rubles. He acquired in accordance with the program of replacement of worn-out equipment. In 2011, on the implementation of this program Kola MMC will invest over 1 billion pv.

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