Kola NPP has completed the modernization of the complex operations of individual monitoring staff

On Kola NPP completed acceptance testing of automatic calibrator IRD 2000 the French firm MGP Instruments for operational dosimeters DMC 2000. Putting into operation of this equipment was the final stage of the modernization of the individual monitoring of operational staff of the Kola nuclear power plant.

Today, this system allows you to not only control the radiation dose of each worker, but also to track the movement of personnel in the territory of the controlled access nuclear power plant. To do this, each worker station, located in the access area, gets a dosimeter, which has a sensor. He, in turn, passes the information about the movement and the resulting radiation dose on the head unit.

— A total of 847 dosimeters Kola nuclear power plant — said the chief engineer ORB Kola NPP Alexander Kuchin. — Each of them must undergo an annual calibration. Previously, verification of dosimeters required more than 8 months. But, thanks to the introduction of a new installation of IRD in 2000, managed to reduce the time for the calibration of dosimeters to two weeks.

Companies Mirion Technologies is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for individual monitoring and radiation monitoring. In Russia, MGP Instruments has a positive experience not only with the Kola nuclear power plant. Earlier, the French company has successfully implemented a control system leakage from the first to the second loop of nitrogen-16 for Kola, Novovoronezh, Kalinin, Balakovo. Similar systems are installed at the Rivne and ANPP.

The expert of the French company MGP Instruments Wilfred Matthew also held within the framework of his visit training professionals working with Kola NPP supplied equipment.

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