Kolomna factory gave customers a locomotive model TEP70BS

Kolomna factory passed the depot Minsk-sorting of the Belarusian Railways (BDZ) mainline passenger locomotive model TEP70BS number 206.

The contract covers the supply of the current year to the BC TEP70BS one locomotive and eight diesel generators 1A 9DG isp.3-02.Vneshny design locomotives TEP70BS for Belarusian Railways is performed in accordance with the national colors of the Republic of Belarus.

Locomotive fleet of passenger locomotives depot Minsk-equipped locomotives Sorting TEP70BS since 2006. To date, the depot operates 26 production locomotives Kolomna factory who commit traffic on the route Minsk — Grodno, Minsk — Vilnius, Minsk — Gomel, service firm trains "Amber", "White Stork", "Nemo", "Hero". Warranty service TEP70BS locomotives in depot Minsk-Marshalling provided by specialists of JSC "Kolomna factory."

The Republic of Belarus has several types of Kolomna locomotive: TEP60, TEP70, TEP70BS. Kolomna plant also supplies the BDZ diesel generators to upgrade exhausted their service life 2TE10 freight locomotives and M62.

The length of the railway network of the Republic of Belarus totals 5,500 kilometers, and the total fleet of the Belarusian iron pots — more than 500 pieces of draft power and rolling stock. Each year, the services of the Belarusian Railways are about 100 million passengers. On all lines neelektrofitsirovannyh BC (they make up 85% of the total length of the path) passenger transport is provided by the production of passenger locomotives Kolomna plant.

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