Kolomna factory gave customers the 150th locomotive model EP2K

  Kolomna factory passed the Depot St. Petersburg — Moscow October passenger railroad locomotive model EP2K number 150.

To date, 138 locomotives EP2K work at the West-Siberian railway, drive train in Chelyabinsk, Mariinsky, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Belovo, Petropavlovsk, Ekaterinburg, Perm. 12 electric EP2K work on the October Railway. These locomotives are operated in areas of St. Petersburg — Svir, St. Petersburg — Babaevo, St. Petersburg — Vologda, mastered the route St. Petersburg and Moscow.

By OAO "RZD" in 2012 Kolomna plant will manufacture 40 locomotives EP2K.

In continuous operation the locomotives are from May 2008. "During this period, the total mileage of passenger electric EP2K exceeded 40 million kilometers — the distance that is equivalent to more than 1000 revolutions around the Earth’s equator," — said the technical director of JSC "Kolomna plant" Vyacheslav Shelemetyev.

According to the program of OAO "Russian Railways", the creation passenger electric DC has become one of the priorities in the reform of the transport sector as a similar technique in Russia had been made, passenger electric DC bought in Czechoslovakia. By the time of the start of work on a new electric locomotives operated by the average age was 30 years.

On the railways EP2K are replacing the Czechoslovak electric locomotives series CS2 that were purchased with serediny1960-hdo serediny1970-hgodov. Compared with the outgoing locomotives EP2K have a number of important technical advantages in engine power and traction characteristics — capacity increased by 14%, the power of traction — 20%. New locomotives provide a comfortable environment for the train crews, equipped cabins with air conditioning and heating, corresponding to modern health standards.

During the period of production of electric EP2K a large volume of work on improving the design and reliability of the locomotive, introduced climate control and automatic driving to control without an assistant engineer.

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