Kolomna plant completed production of diesel generator sets for Beloyarsk

Kolomna Plant (part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has completed production of a set of diesel-generator sets for standby power systems under construction unit number 4 Beloyarsk (Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region).. Over the past 20 years, this is the first diesel domestic production capacity of more than 1 MW, supplied to the Russian nuclear power plants.

By order of "Atomenergomash" Kolomna plant designed and built the set diesel generator sets consisting of two DGU4000 capacity of 4,000 kW and a capacity of three DGU3200 3200kVt designed for reliable power plant in the event of a failure of external power supply, in order to ensure an orderly shutdown of the reactor and subsequent maintenance it in a safe condition. DGU3200 DGU4000 and passed the required tests set forth in the regulations and rules applicable to the equipment plant, which confirmed their compliance with the customer’s specifications.

JSC "Kolomna factory" in September 2012 provides a phased shipment received by the customer, and in 2013 will contract supervision commissioning of the plants.As the power plant diesel generator used 16CHN26/26 engine, developed on the basis of serial standard series diesel engines D49. When designing the DSU used the experience to back engines for the nuclear power plant in Bushehr and 10D49 engines for naval ships. Automatic control systems allow for operation of the entire complex in automatic mode without attendants.

To date, the combined alternative piston diesel engines for use as back-up power systems for nuclear safety does not exist and, according to experts, will not long enough. Kolomna plant operates to create a base backup diesel generator unit capacity of 6300 kW for electricity safety channels on the basis of one diesel. This diesel engine is designed to operate on the types of NPPs with VVER nuclear power plant in 2006 and the POI. In the framework of the federal target program for the development of diesel engine manufacturing plant in Russia on a new diesel — generator based on the V — type 20 — cylinder diesel engine CHN26, 5/31 with a nominal capacity of 6300 kW. Development is carried out taking into account all of the regulatory requirements for prospective backup diesel generator plant.

The Russian government has set a target for 2030 to increase the share of nuclear power generation in total electricity production up to 25-30% (today it is 16%). It is planned to build a total of 26 nuclear reactors.

JSC "Kolomna plant" has the license to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear power plants and the reference for the production of diesel generator for nuclear power plants. In 2004, the company has made a brand new, fully automated power plant second-class security for nuclear power plants "Bushehr-1" in Iran, which has been tested and confirmed compliance with RD EO 0052-00, and the American standard IEEEStd387-1995, acting in the nuclear Energy. Currently Kolomna plant is the sole producer in Russia backup diesel generators for nuclear power plants.

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