Kolyma allowed to fish farmers leaving the incubator 60 million salmon fry

Salmon fry

The State Veterinary Commission authorized the Kolyma River hatchery release of incubators in local rivers 60 million fry of Pacific salmon — a 17% increase over last year, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of Magadan Oblast.

In Pacific salmon breeding process in the natural environment occurs once in a lifetime. Instinct, driving them from time to time the birth and to return from the ocean to their native river, genetically encoded in their behavior. After spending a few years at sea before reaching the age of maturity, salmon come back to the place where they were born from eggs. There’s salmon spawn and die.

"The Commission headed by the Chief State Veterinary Inspector Magadan Olga Runova completed the inspection of the physiological condition of juvenile salmon grown in incubators enterprise" Okhotskrybvod. "According to the results given permission for their release into the river, on which they will go to the Sea of Okhotsk," — said the agency interlocutor .According to him, even before the veterinarskih inspections, samples of all species of salmon fry were studied in the laboratory in order to eliminate a particularly dangerous fish diseases — aeromonosis. Parasitic and infectious diseases of juveniles were found.

"According to the research state veterinary service of the Magadan region has made a happy conclusion of the epizootic situation in the Yanskiy, Arman hatcheries and Olskaya pilot production base of acclimatization and authorized the issuance of juvenile salmonids in natural waters," — said the representative of the administration.

He noted that the plants incubators "Okhotskrybvod" grown and prepared to release 37 million chum salmon fry, 17.8 million individuals salmon, 5.4 million coho salmon fry. Release salmon fry will take place over the summer.

Previously reported commercial enterprise Kolyma during last year’s salmon season produced 11.8 million tons of salmon, which is 25% more than in 2010. In this isolated region of the quota has been mastered only by 92%. Scientists have given somewhat exaggerated forecasts approach the salmon on the basis of which were given quota. They, in turn, respectively, have also been high.


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