Kolyma for 10 months increased gold production by 17%

Subsoil users Magadan region in January-October 2012 increased gold production by 17.1% compared to the same period in 2011 — up to 19,368 tons, silver production increased by 17.5% — to 713.32 tons, told Prime in the regional committee Subsoil Use.

In the total production of gold ore rose 24% to 6,528 tonnes of placer mining — by 13.8% to 12.84 tons.

The highest rates among miners Yagodinskaya area, their results for the first ten months — 5.6 tons of placer (gold ore mined a total of 46 kg) of precious metal — compared with the same period last year, an increase of 13.2%.

Miners Susumansk area during the reporting period produced 4.72 tons of gold (up 6.5%) and the alluvial deposits of gold ore — 30 kg.

"The other leaders of the region is mainly mined gold from primary deposits. Largest increase in 47.5% of the gold mining — 3.59 tons in North Evenk region through fields of Polymetal — Birkachan, Sopka and plinth area. Omsukchan area increased production by 1.7% to 2.1 tons. " — Noted.

As reported, the Magadan region awaits the results of promsezona 2012 gold production growth of nearly 10% to 20 tonnes, compared with a year earlier. The increase is expected due to high rates of production from mining Yagodinskaya area, mainly cooperatives: "May" and "Field", Ltd "Kryvbas" Company "Congo", in second place Susumansky district leaders here — GDK "Berelekh" (1,5 — 1.6 tons) and "Sysymanzoloto" (2.6 tons) in Tenkinskiy area by the end of this year, production of 1.2 tons — OOO "Grand Prix", LLC "Energy" and LLC "Drazhnik."

Silver production in 2012 is expected to 820-830 tons — provide the bulk of the production company Polymetal Int.

In 2011, the Magadan region increased gold production by 7% to 18.2 tons (585.2 thousand ounces) of silver — by 14.8% to 777.9 tons (25.01 million ounces). In the structure of production amounted to 6,781 tonnes gold ore (up 17.2%), and 11,421 tons — placer (up 1.8%).

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