Kolyma Refinery celebrated the 15th anniversary

Affinage — Metallurgical process for obtaining high purity precious metal by separating them from impurities.

The decision to build a refinery in the Magadan region was adopted in 1997. In June 1998, he was commissioned production facility with a capacity of up to 32 tons per year of refined gold and associated silver extraction.

Over its history, the plant has been continuously developed and improved, in these 15 years much has been done to improve the quality and increase the volume of refining processing of precious metals, expansion of activities of the enterprise.

In 2001 was built and put into operation the shop for the manufacture of ingots of gold and silver refining plant with a capacity of 180 tons, in 2004, completed the construction of stage II silver refining line, which allowed to produce 360 tons of silver a year. And with 2009 power Kolyma Refinery already can handle up to 50 tons of gold and 450 tons of silver a year.

In 2011, the factory was built smelting unit for processing slag, which allowed to give grams and milligrams, ranking in the slags, subsoil users.

A distinctive feature of the company is the highest quality products. Since 2004, the Kolyma gold refinery is included in the list of reliable suppliers of gold "Good Delivery", and from September 1, 2006 this status is assigned and silver bullion.

Business partners of the plant are more than 120 mines of Kolyma, Chukotka and Yakutia, the large commercial banks. During last years, the factory processed more than 382 tons of gold and 1,900 tons of silver.


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