Komi: 43 units of agricultural machinery purchased in 2013 for farmers

This type of support provided on behalf of the Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser. Acquired farm equipment designed to help with ancillary services for pensioners and vulnerable categories of people. For these purposes in 2013 of the national budget allocated 11.5 million rubles. Acquired in 2013, agricultural kits sent to the five municipal districts: Syktyvdinsk, Sysolskiy, Ust-Vymsky, Udorsky, Ust-Tsilemsky.

According to the Deputy Head — Minister of Finance of the Republic of Komi Vladimir Tukmakova, purchase of machinery has become one of the most effective measures to support the people engaged in subsistence farming, "For most of them it is the only way to crop, forage and harvesting quickly, lying down in the short term the northern summer . In addition, through the use of modern technology increasing the area of cultivated land, created more jobs. "

Standard package of agricultural machinery includes tractor, plow, cultivator, hiller, Potato, mowing, rake trailer, baler, tractor trailer, dozer blade.

According V.Tukmakova, regularly monitors the effectiveness of the use of agricultural machinery, transferred the ownership of municipalities of the republic.  

*** In 2011, after the meeting the Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser with the population at the expense of the national budget was acquired set of agricultural equipment for the municipal district "Kortkerosski" (s.Storozhevsk). In 2012, eight sets of agricultural machinery arrived in Kortkerosski, Ust-Kulom, Priluzskiy, Izhemsky, Syktyvdinsk, Ust-Tsilemsky, Koigorodskiy metro areas and MO MP "Pechora".

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