Kostroma 3 years increased the area of green space in a 1.8-fold


  • Kostroma.  Arbour Ostrovsky.  © RIA Novosti.  Anna Skudaeva
  • Kostroma. Arbour Ostrovsky. © RIA Novosti. Anna Skudaeva

Kostroma, November 19 — RIA Novosti, Anna Skudaeva. The area of green space in Kostroma in three years increased from 4.3 to 7.7 square meters per person in urban greening program, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of the Kostroma Yuri Jurin.

State of green space in the Kostroma became the topic of discussion at the working meeting in the administration area. Environmentalists are very concerned about the fact that in urban parks and gardens is a massive construction. Since 1978, the officially fixed area of protected natural areas of the city fell three times — from 740 to 243 hectares. According to the chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation Dmitry Byrdin, felling of green space under construction in the city of Kostroma is widespread, and the situation is complicated by the absence of the chief architect of the city. However, according to the city government in the near future Kostroma plans to regain the status of a "green city."

"In 2008, the availability of public green areas was 4.3 square meters per person, and today it has increased to 7.7 square meters per person," — said Jurin.

He said that as soon as the authorities intend to bring this figure up to 10 square meters per person. For this plan to be planted annually in the streets of Kostroma at least 3 thousand trees, create a registry of all existing trees and shrubs, as well as using modern equipment to monitor and punish those who destroy green spaces.

"This year, for the unauthorized removal of trees residents of the city were fined two million rubles. 3,265 in Kostroma planted thousands of trees, the plan is exceeded, it amounted to 3.01 thousand trees per year" — said Jurin.

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