Kozhanov: Dolmatov — very bad coach

A very mixed feelings visited fans when the match referee Valery Kharlamov lit the red light in front of the attackers "Khimki" Oleg Kozhanova. On the one hand — a rival left with ten men, and the other — in front of their home fans and zenitovsky pupil suffers a fiasco. After the match, Oleg still found the strength and gave an interview to our correspondent. [Cut] [i] Author: Eugene Krasnoshchekov [/ i] [b] So far, I can not move away from the shock [/ b] [b] — Oleg what happened in the game with "Zenith»? [/ B] — The game lost its meaning after I removed. The children found it extremely difficult to sustain the entire match with ten men. Of course, tried, there was a desire to get even, scored two decent goals, but the strength was not enough. Still, we played against the best club in Russia. [B] — All the divided opinions about your removal — after all, it is true or not? [/ B] — For me is no difference — the time has passed, but the result remained. I believe that the judge should understand me. I have not scored in two points, and after all this upset and in the hearts of severely hit the ball. [B] — What did the referee when you delete? [/ B] — Yes, he said nothing! Just ran up and lit the red light, not saying anything. Maybe someone of my partners, and he called the cause, but I did not hear them. [B] — So leave the field "Petrovsky" is probably badly? [/ B] — Terrible — not a word! For me, it was just a nightmare. I’ve been tuning up for this match, but in the end everything is so stupid broken. [B] — For you, this match was very important? [/ B] — Of course! I wanted to play with dignity and to show his hometown all that I can do. Very hard it still can not deviate from this … [B] Dolmatov very bad coach! [/ B] — If you do not take yesterday’s match, as your career in the "Khimki"? — I have something here very well. Sad is that our team is floating at the end of the standings. Did not work out at all of us somehow from the very beginning. The reason for this can be called sophisticated calendar. In some games simply had bad luck, and so we did not gain the needed points. But I hope to fix it! All hope! [B] — It’s easier to play in a club with so many players from your city? [/ B] — Yes, there are a lot of guys that I know well with them much easier! But our team is very friendly and there is none that St. Petersburg held a party. We are all one team! [B] — You finished last season in the "Rostov", why do decide to jump in the Moscow Region team? [/ B] — I did not want to work with Oleg Dolmatov! [B] — Why? [/ B] — This is a very bad coach! At least for me … I think that season I just lost it. [B] — I remember when you moved into the "Rostov", you were more optimistic view? [/ B] — I can not even imagine what kind of coach and what he represents. I am very sorry to have worked with him. [B] — Oleg, what is so made you Dolmatov? [/ B] — You know, this man knows himself what he is guilty! I would not want to blow another scandal, let’s leave this topic! Now "Khimki" I have everything in order, and I am glad that Constantine Sarsaniya invited me to the team. [B] — We all know how great Stanislavski’s agent and the person, and what do you say about his coaching qualities? [/ B] — This is a new figure in the coaching team, he is different from all the others. He has extensive international experience, which he gained while being an agent. He is very well aware of the players he has a great approach to each of us. Play under his leadership is a pleasure. [B] All players "Khimki" want to "Zenit» [/ b] [b] — Do you expect to return to their home team — in "Zenit»? [/ B] — As long as I still have a valid contract with the club, I I consider myself kind of Zenit. This season will be largely determinative. [B] — All the players from St. Petersburg "Khimki" dream to be back in the team Dick Advocaat? [/ B] — Of course! After all, this is the best club in our football, all want to go there. [B] — According to Peter do not get bored? [/ B] — It’s all right, except that the family rarely see. A family with me, we live close to the stadium. [B] — It is better to play in Moscow, Russia than surf? [/ B] — You know, I do not care where to live, as long as a football play. [B] — After all, your goal — a "Zenit»? [/ B] — The goal I have is the maximum, but already there as it will. Maybe it will be back in "Zenit", and may be already there.

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