Kraftway Company and CJSC MCST presented desktop KM-4

Desktop computer CM-4, made in the form of a candy bar, is presented to visitors of the International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies 2013".

On this the largest in the Russian discussion platform, which took place from 12 to 15 February 2013 in exhibition center "Crocus Expo", the company Kraftway and ZAO "MCST" have presented a joint project: Desktop KM4-Elbrus The basis of a computer is the motherboard "Monokub"That is based on a microprocessor"Elbrus 2C +"Controller and peripheral interfaces"KPI. " The board is designed to MCST and produced by Russian companies.

Processor "Elbrus 2C +" has the architecture of "Elbrus", which allows to obtain high performance on compute-intensive tasks which improves the security of the software subsystem of information attacks, and supports compatibility with the x86 architecture through a software layer binary translation.

Organization in Russia the development cycle of computational tools — from logic CPU and peripheral controllers to source BIOS, operating system and compiler — provides a unique opportunity to build on the basis of the decision of trusted computing.

Kraftway— Russia’s largest industrial company in the field of information technology. Successfully working since 1993, Kraftway Reputedly one of the recognized leaders of the computer technology market in Russia. The range of products under the brand name Kraftway extremely broad and includes personal computers for business and home desktops, terminal systems, servers, storage systems, etc.

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