Kranbuksy in mixers TM KIT

Kranbuksy metal-ceramic construction FLUEHS (Germany) have resource use at least 600,000 cycles. Each kranbuksa double passes quality control at a factory manufacturing the first, the second in the final mixer at the assembly.

Ceramic locking elements have such a high degree of polishing, do not require lubrication, unlike other kranbuks where the resource use depends on the presence of grease (which is washed away during use.)

Design kranbuksy includes a dedicated noise reduction element in the form of plates dissecting not deteriorating performance of passage of water.

Kranbuksy for special operating conditions are anti-vandal function. Feature is the absence of a fixed stop. Opening, closing, and adjustment of the pressure of water can occur in any direction without restriction.

Kranbuksy with clamping mechanism of resource use are at least 300,000 cycles. A special feature is the fat closed chamber that protects technical grease from being washed out and hit her in the drinking water during operation. The main element of this structure, rubber pad (EPDM *), situated in the locking ring, which excludes its mobility, i.e. vibration and noise.

* EPDM — synthetic rubber, suitable for food contact. Does not lose its characteristics over time.

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