KRANEKS Company (Ivanovo) upgraded excavators with extra long working equipment

Given the experience of exploitation and wishes of consumers, KRANEKS upgraded the EK 270LC excavator EK 400 and completed with extra long working equipment (SDRO). Before the upgrade, SDRO on a standard excavator, construction of which is optimized for working equipment of normal size.

Now, after the upgrade, it is a stand alone model with an index of SL (SuperLong) — EK 270SL and EK 400SL, the design of which is optimized for super-long working equipment. At the same time maintained the possibility for the user to install the data model and the standard operating equipment.

EK 270SL and EK 400SL differ from standard carriers reinforced steel structure capable of withstanding high loads, which arise from the use of SDRO.

EK 270SL and EK 400SL created for construction and reclamation operations that require remote feed bucket — cleaning the beds of rivers and lakes from sediment, the alignment of road verges in the construction of roads.

Judging by the reaction of consumers, excavators EC 270SL and 400SL EC meet their needs as well as the technical characteristics, they are not inferior to foreign analogues on the market of Russia and the CIS, and operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower.

This is evidenced by the growth of firm orders to the companies on this type of machine in 2012. At the end of the 1st quarter it was 15 units, of which two excavator EK 400SL already shipped to customers and working at facilities in Siberia and Kazakhstan.

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