Kranex released the first machine for drilling rig


Implemented the project of production of base machine for installation at her rig


The company produced a pilot KRANEKS base machine (self-propelled tracked chassis), designed for mounting on her rig.

The machine is designed on the basis of the most sought after by consumers excavator KRANEKS — EK 270LC. Excavator design and put into deep modernization to ensure the necessary integration of the drilling rig.

The basic machine is designed to be mounted drill rig with kelly bar drilling and casing the table.

Installation of these characteristics has been developed and manufactured by experts Geomash. It is designed to drill wells, to perform foundation work in industrial and civil construction.

The design of the rig provides:
drilling unstable soil moisture saturation under the protection of the casing string, dipping and removing which the rotator, and in difficult geological conditions — casing oscillator (oscillator);
construction of the "wall in the ground" by building a number of secant piles.

In the nearest time the car will be given to those skilled Geomash for mounting on her rig. Next-ready rig will be tested in the operating organization.

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