Krasnodar region. His eyes

In fact, my journey was not limited to the Krasnodar region, but in the post it will be mostly about him, as in the neighboring areas I visited and photographed passing a little.

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My journey began as just a Karachai-Circassian County, with the village of Dombay. And the first thing that was a pleasant surprise this road. In fact, almost everything is expensive in which I happened to have a decent ride and excellent quality. And this in Dombay was all over something like this

All dangerous slopes were reinforced and equipped with new gabions and drainage system turns — bumpers, on roadsides — gravel and carefully trimmed greenery, signs, lighting, and other amenities. In short, the move was comfortable and pleasant.

As we approach the DOMBAY landscape became more interesting.

It is a museum, a monument to defenders of passes of the Caucasus.

And across the road on the hill here is a monument

On the way to the village you can visit the Reserve Theberda

The air grew more and more fresh, mountain — higher and higher.

Dombay proved himself like this

The village is still small, but is actively built. The recently installed new lifts. Such as those found on the Rose Farm

We go up to a height of 2270 m

No comments :)

The snow-covered slopes of the giants through the forest exploded numerous rivers and waterfalls

Their bodies they looked almost invisible thin thread …

The next stopping point — p. Arhipo-Osipovka

The way lay through the night Armavir …

The city seemed very green and well-maintained. Pedestrian areas home ready colored pavement tiles, well lit and decorated with flowers.

Total Armavir I was twice, but both of my visit there were very limited on time, so the photos quite a bit. The second fell on the weekend and walked around the city many newlyweds :)

We met on the way and new production

It is not known, by the way, whether they were on the Suna. For example, the plant, according to locals, appeared and started working recently

By the way, I have not met a single abandoned fields! Everywhere were some of the

Although the year, they say, turned out to be dry and barren …

This attraction is located near the village of Nicholas. The bridge was blown up in the days of the Great Patriotic War, our soldiers, which prevented smuggle German troops …

And here is the Black Sea coast! Let me remind you, the village Arhipo-Osipovka

Monument to Yuri Gagarin

The village is too small, but built up again very active.

And with a taste that pleases

The local rural water park

Museum complex "Mikhailovskoe strengthening"

That’s it. Over 10 days I did not have time. On turn Sochi 2014 ;)

Ps Pleasantly surprised by M4. High-quality cover almost the entire length (1,200 miles), with the exception of a small area where there are works

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