Krasnodar region: medical equipment new generation appeared in the regional hospital number 2

Unique medical equipment appeared in the regional clinical hospital № 2 of the Krasnodar Territory. Angiography Siemens Axiom artis ze ecelling, acquired under the modernization program of health, is a model of a new generation, combining quality and diagnostic accuracy and patient safety. It employs a method of digital subtraction angiography — a contrast research vessels with subsequent computer processing — and the method of processing digital angiography, which allows to carry out 3D-reconstruction angiography images of very high quality. Studies have identified injuries and malformations of the blood vessels.

AboutSobienie of this unit is the presence of a flat detector, which gives a better detail of small vessels. Digital image system provides the perfect visualization of stents and catheters, as well as provides additional usage that facilitates diagnosis and intervention faster and with greater accuracy.

In addition to the high diagnostic value of the new angiograph allows minimally invasive surgery as the restoration of vascular permeability, and to stop the bleeding.
Total Kuban similar devices — 4.

In KKB number 2 has already conducted several pilot studies vessels of the head, viscera, and lower extremities. Thanks to modern refrigeration system angiography may conduct research over 20 people a day and work around the clock.

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