Krasnodar scientists have deduced a new breed of sheep

Krasnodar scientists have deduced a new breed of sheep — West Siberian meat. On breeding breed worked for nearly 20 years. Breakthrough committed staff of the North Caucasus Research Institute of Animal Anna Kulikova and Alexei Ulyanov, in collaboration with scientists from the Altai region.

A new breed is derived on the basis of the southern meat breed and Kulunda fine wool. First, by the way, had once been bred by scientists of the Krasnodar. West Siberian sheep meat has absorbed all the best from their parents. New breed adapted to the sharply continental climate of Western Siberia. Calmly cold temperatures and strong winds.

The main advantage of this breed was the amount of meat that can be obtained with a single sheep. By the age of five months West Siberian sheep can weigh 40 kg. A normal sheep that weight gain per year.

In addition, the yield of meat from a new breed comes to 49-53% for young animals, whereas the domestic breeds it is 41-42%.

Another plus of the new breed — well breeds at any time of the year. Now a new breed of sheep living in the Altai region, which are in great demand among local residents.

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