Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva was the organizer

Scientific Conference

From 26 to 27 September 2013 on the basis of the "White ? JSC "MMW them. SI Vavilov "in Minsk (Belarus), the scientific and practical conference" Technologies of processing of optical elements and vacuum coating ", organized by the Public Academy" Kontenant "together with the Krasnogorsk plant them. SA Zvereva (JSC CMH), part of the holding of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor "Schwabe", the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus of "MMW named SI Vavilov — the managing company BelOMO "RUE" Optical Machine-Tool and Vacuum Technology ", National Academy of Sciences.


The objectives of the conference: compilation of the latest advances in processing technology of optical elements made of different types of glass and optical crystal, vacuum coating technology for optical components operating in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared region of the spectrum, staging issues and trends in the business of providing the necessary optical materials and a discussion of issues related to technical re-equipment of enterprises and optical modern equipment, the development of scientific and industrial cooperation enterprises participating in the conference, the creation of preconditions and raw materials for the formation of the Federal target program of government procurement and investment.

The conference was organized by the work of two sections: "Theoretical studies and practical and innovative technologies in the field of vacuum optical technologies" and "Technologies for the manufacture and control of optical elements used modern equipment."

Opened the conference with the chief optician of CMH, president of the Academy "Kontenant" Bogdan Senik: "At present, the growing awareness of the fact that without the high optical technologies can not be progress in the development of complex opto-electronic devices and systems used in industry, in the basic and applied research in the interests of national defense. Optical and opto-electronic instrument accumulates the most advanced achievements of science, promotes the development of search, applied research, making possible the creation of complex information systems and intelligent and complex. "

During the plenary session at the opening of the conference were: VS Tomal (RUE "Optical Machine-Tool and Vacuum Technology", Minsk, Belarus) on "Modern optical equipment for the production," VJ Shiripov (LLC "Izovac", Minsk, Belarus) on "Current state and prospects of development of vacuum technology and equipment for the optical structures", V. Azarov (JSC "Research Institute" Polyus "them. Stelmach MF", Russia) on "Precision optical surfaces and laser mirrors, their metrology and the use of" JD Filatov (Institute for Superhard Materials. V.Bakul NAS) on "Diamond-abrasive machining of optical elements of the single-crystal silicon carbide," YP Volosach (of "white — MMW named after SI Vavilov") on "The main directions of development of optical production of" MSW them. Vavilov-managing company "white", "", M.A. Abdulkadyrov (JSC "Lytkarino Optical Glass") on "The vacuum equipment for ion-beam surface treatment of large optical components." Also, the speakers answered questions from the participants.

On the second day the work was continued thematic sections, as well as the concluding plenary session, during which summed up the conference.

At the conference, the best papers were awarded diplomas OverseasOn AlferovskOn Fundand Support of Education and Science, including the report "Application of vacuum technology for the manufacture of innovative precision optical elements", sponsored by the General Director of the CMH Alexander Tarasov and chief optician businesses, President of the Academy "Kontenant" Bogdan Senik.

During the two days of scientific and practical conference, the participants were more than 100 people from different cities of Russia and CIS countries, including representatives of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, the employees of scientific and industrial organizations. In total, the event was presented 48 papers and held to discuss issues related to the themes of the conference.

"There is no doubt that the conference was held at a high organizational and intellectual level. Opinions of the unambiguous: the conference on this topic with the expansion of questions on optoelectronics to be held annually, "? Senik said Bogdan.

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(OAO ASM) ? one of the leading Russian companies in the optical and opto-electronic instrument, which has many years of experience and unique for decades providing development, testing and mass production of optical devices and optoelectronic systems. Is a holding company "Schwabe".

"Schwabe" brings together the main domestic enterprises opto-electronics industry. The holding comprises 19 organizations, including research and production and production associations, design offices, government institutions and optical businesses. Develops and manufactures high-tech electro-optical systems and systems for military and civilian purposes, optical materials, medical equipment, energy-saving lighting technology. Holding was established in 2008, is a State Corporation Rostekhnadzor. Until November 2012 called NPK "Optical systems and technologies." Director — Sergey V. Maxine. Production of the holding available in 85 countries around the world.

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" (Rostekhnadzor) — Russian corporation, established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for civil and military purposes. It includes 663 organizations, of which at present is formed 8 holding companies in the defense industry, and 5 — in civilian industries. Rostekhnadzor organization are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation and deliver products to market more than 70 countries. Rostekhnadzor revenue in 2012 amounted to 931 billion rubles, net profit — 38.5 billion rubles. Tax payments to budgets of all levels exceeded 109 billion rubles.

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