Krasnogvardiysky Plant Breeding (Leningrad region) has opened a unique dairy complex

December 8 opening ceremony of the first Russian dairy complex with an innovative integrated solution management of the dairy farm using a unified platform for DeLaval DelPro tethered farms and 10 voluntary milking system VMS DeLaval.

The farm has 2,110 head of cattle, 900 head with a yield of 8,160 liters per cow per year, the average daily milk yield of 23 liters of milk fat content of 3.73%, protein — 3,23%. Multiplicity milking systems, VMS 10 DeLaval ranges 2.7 times a day.

Leningrad region remained the largest commodity-sector production — more than 90% of the milk produced in farms 114. Centralization and automation of production makes the industry more manageable, including from the point of view of the development of innovation, of breeding, improve the quality of milk.

Amount of investments in agribusiness development in the company over 3 years is 179.5 million rubles.

With the latest technology and the introduction of robotic milking, the milk sold in the dairy plant of the highest quality, grade Super Elite — 90% and grade Elite — 10%, which significantly affects the selling price.

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