Krasnoyarsk breeding center among the top three centers in Russia

Equipment in the Krasnoyarsk breeding center is exactly the same, which operates similar centers in Holland and America. Krasnoyarsk among the top three centers in Russia. Breeding stock is sent to the eighteen regions of our country.


Each bull is like an expensive car. A benefit from it many times more. Their mothers give 15 tons of milk per year. These bulls genetically programmed strong offspring.

"Bulls selected it from the world’s elite. Their fathers are included in the hundred best bulls of the world, therefore the quality of the offspring of these bulls will give a very good increase in the province. Their daughters will be milked more than now milked cows "- said General Director Sergei Shadrin breeding enterprise.

Krasnoyarsk livestock now produces only 6.5 tons of milk per year. However, 15 years ago, milked a couple of tons less. And even a marginal improvement for breeders — an undoubted success. The demand for high yielding animals in the region is growing. And the former production, simply by increasing the herd, no longer in vogue.

Each bull is not just has its own nickname. In the special cards and encrypted information on the father and mother. The database — data for twenty generations of animals. So many people are not aware of their ancestry.

"In recent years we have approved two new types of cattle — Krasnoyarsk and Yenisei. This suggests that the tribal breeders are constantly working to improve animal ", — said Head of livestock breeding Krasnoyarsk Anatoly Rudko.

Thanks to directional selection annually in the Krasnoyarsk region should be increased to 500 pounds per cow. At this rate will soon catch up with Holland, sure breeders.

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