Krasnoyarsk climber became world champion

Krasnoyarsk Julia Liovochkin athlete has won the World Cup climbing competition in the speed and set a new world record. 
12th IAAF World climbing took place from 12 to 16 September in Paris. The competition was attended by 600 athletes from 58 countries. In the national team of Russia were 34 climbers, including six students Krasnoyarsk SDYUSSHOR them. VG Putintseva: Julia Liovochkin, Xenia Polekhina, Anna Tsiganova, Olga Bibik, Viktor Kozlov and Galina Terentyeva.


Julia Liovochkin became world champion in speed climbing and set a new world record — 8.37 seconds. The last time the Krasnoyarsk sportsmen have won the league title in the discipline in 2007 — then the victory was celebrated honored master of sport of rock climbing Tatiana Ruyga.
Xenia Polekhina was the fourth in speed climbing and completed the Master of Sports of International Class Russia. Viktor Kozlov took eighth place in the bouldering — climbing to Krasnoyarsk is the best result in the discipline.

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