Krasnoyarsk company Teplofon became a member of the fund Skolkovo


Teplofon: production line of heating panels

Krasnoyarsk company "Teplofon", engaged in the development and production of modern thermal devices, has received the status of a Innovation Fund "Skolkovo". Her project Infrared heating panels successfully passed the examination of the main Russian Innovation Fund.

The company "Teplofon", working on the creation of panel heaters for about 15 years, is considered the pioneer of Russian market of high-efficiency energy-saving heating. Production of ‘TEPLOFON "is located in Krasnoyarsk, in its shops employ about 200 people. All "TEPLOFON" developed by own engineering and design department and patented from 2003 to 2008, the company received 16 patents for various types of heaters.

Project development of infrared heating panels, which has brought "TEPLOFON" participatory status "Skolkovo", the company previously received a subsidy of the Regional Ministry of investment and innovation. "For this project we have been working for three years, — Said General Director of JSC "Teplofon" Andrew Shangin. — We have developed Heating Panels on the basis of drywall and process equipment, which allows to produce such panels automated way. We already have eight Russian patents, and we are international clearance. We are currently upgrading equipment, improving some components of automated line and plan to certify the line for further replication of the new technology in Russia and abroad ".

As told to Andrew Shangin, engineers now "TEPLOFON" engaged in the development of heating panels on the basis of high-strength glass, porcelain tiles and other building materials that are used in modern interiors. "Plus, an electronic thermostat that will control the heater and have teploprogrammirovanie that allows to program the heater on the week ahead. Products based on the new developments come on the market in the coming year ", — Shangin said.

"Infrared heating is the most economical. Using our panels by 30-40% reduces the cost of electric heating. The aim of our project — to electric heaters consume as little energy. To do this, we further develop a system of regulation ", — added the developer. "Teplofon" sells its products throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Interest in the new model of heaters has shown a number of foreign countries, despite the fact that the work on them is not yet complete. "People are ready to purchase our technology and organize production in their field", — Shangin said.

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