Krasnoyarsk experts have developed a new technology of examination of water


Most of the test subjects in this lab can be seen only through a microscope. SFU experts have developed a new technique of examination of water. How dangerous liquid to the environment and humans to determine the micro-organisms. Examination for such equipment requires complex reagents or conditions. The development is already interested several hundred laboratories.

The project is nurtured for more than ten years. And recently, the international exhibition "Bioindustry" Scientists have for the development of a gold medal. Exposure jury highlighted the commercial component. Technology has put on the conveyor and not lost in step drawing. Development have adopted about 80% of laboratories RTN and RPN. The terms of application innovation — from the examination of drinking water to the class definition of hazardous waste.

One of the main advantages of technology is efficiency. Water quality can be determined in a few hours. Then, as in the case with analogs out in two, and then three times longer.

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