Krasnoyarsk Helicopter (pictures)

Author of the report — Slava Stepanov (LJ Gelio)

Krasnoyarsk — a city in eastern Siberia, situated on both banks of the Yenisei River. The administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai (the second area of the subject of Russia). The city was founded in 1628. Today, the population of Krasnoyarsk is just over 1 million people (one millionth resident was registered in April 2012). The main industries of the city — the space industry, nonferrous metallurgy, and hydropower. The city is distinguished by unique landscapes, mountain landscapes, majestic Siberian forest reserve and the famous "Pillars".


The city is divided into two parts, the Yenisei, and his left-bank part is located in Western Siberia, right bank — in the East.
In this city, the economic geographers referred to Eastern Siberia.

The streets are straight and level, oriented to the cardinal. Latitudinal streets paved the west to the east, and the meridional street from south to north, from the Yenisei River in the direction of the Intercession of the mountain.

Krasnoyarsk arrow
Is formed at the confluence of the Yenisei River in Kacha

Peace Square

Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic

Chapel Paraskeva — a symbol of Krasnoyarsk

The chapel stands on top of the Guard mountain. At the site of the chapel is often worked on his sketches famous painter Vasily Surikov.
In August 1887 the great Russian scientist, Alexander Popov, inventor of the radio there was watching a solar eclipse.
Every day at exactly 12:00 on the mountain Karaulnaya shot gun.

Theatre Square — the center of Krasnoyarsk

Revolution Square
Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Gorky Park
It operates in the RSFSR first children’s railway, opened in 1936.

Red Square

Start Karl Marx

Prospekt Mira

Bridgehead area

Central stadium in Krasnoyarsk

Accommodates 22,500 people. Is the home stadium for the football club "Yenisei" and the Russian national team rugby.

Construction of indoor football arena in the sports complex "Metallurg" for 3000 seats

Ice Palace "Arena North"

River Station
The city’s location on the Yenisei River, which is a major thoroughfare, making it the gateway to exit through the Northern Sea Route in several regions of Central Siberia on the world market.

The train station and Krasnoyarsk-Passenger Railway Station Square

Railway bridge over the Yenisei River
The first bridge was built in 1899. In 1900, the year this building, along with the Eiffel Tower was awarded the Grand Prix and Gold Medal of the World Exhibition in Paris — "For the architectural excellence and excellent workmanship." Later, scientists UNESCO named Krasnoyarsk Railway Bridge ‘top human engineering. " The bridge is mentioned in the book "Atlas of the wonders of the world. In the 90 years of the construction of the third bridge, next to the existing ones. In 2002 began dismantling dorevolyutsionnnogo famous railway bridge. He was commissioned for scrap in 2007.

Communal Bridge
Recreation passes through the island at a special causeway (bridge length of 2500 meters from the dam).
At the time of construction of Communal Bridge was the longest bridge in Asia. The bridge shown in the 10-ruble banknote.

October bridge

Crossing the Aviators and Partizan Zheleznyaka

Most "777"
The official name — "Korkinsky bridge"
The combined road-rail bridge over the Yenisei

Fourth road bridge under construction
Project title: "Volochaevskaya"

Vinogradovsky bridge

Dvuhpilonny cable-stayed pedestrian bridge over the flow of the river Yenisei, is on about. Tatyshev.

A pedestrian bridge is destroyed on the same island Tatyshev (say destroyed during the flood of 1988)

Construction of the overpass
Linking Northern Highway and street. Aviators.

Partizan Street Zheleznyaka
Right at the bottom of the building of the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Business Center "First Tower" in the fog

So far, it is the tallest building in the Urals

SEC "Planet"
The largest in Krasnoyarsk shopping center

Zhilmassiv "Vzletka"

"Vzletka" originated in the territory of the former airport

Street Molokov

LCD "Frigate Neo"

LCD "South Beach"

LCD "Orbit"

District "Sunny"

District "Pokrovsky"

LCD "White Dew"

District "Lucky"

Car market "777" (Gaydashovka)

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant (KrAZ) — the second-largest aluminum smelter in the world.

KrAZ produces 27% of all aluminum produced in Russia and 3% of world production. Is part of the world’s largest aluminum company "Rusal"

Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant works on the energy of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, and consumes about 70% of its electricity produced.
Raw materials are supplied from the Achinsk Alumina Refinery.

Gonolyzhny complex "Beaver Log"
The complex consists of 14 tracks + training slope, the longest ski run — 1500 meters

Cutting down trees in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk

The observation deck near the "squirrel tails" (Sliznevsky descent) on the M54

Divnogorsk — a city located about 20 km from Krasnoyarsk.
Formed by the merger of the village and construction camp skit Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station in 1957.

Train Krasnoyarsk-Divnogorosk

Krasnoyarsk GES
Located 23 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk

  • He is currently 8th on the power of the existing hydroelectric power plants in the world and temporarily (after the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya) — the first on the power plant in Russia.

    The complex of HPP is, in particular, Russia’s only boat lift

    Image of Krasnoyarsk HPP is located on the back of the banknotes in denominations of 10 rubles of 1997.

    Hydropower dam forms a large reservoir of Krasnoyarsk. Reservoir area of about 2000 km ².
    Height of dam — 124 meters

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