Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station (photos)

The report’s author — Sergey "Filek" (LJfeelek )

Krasnoyarsk hydropower plant named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union is located on the Yenisei River, twenty three kilometers from Krasnoyarsk, near Divnogorsk. One of the most powerful in the world and first in power plant in Russia (after the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP). Was built in the period from 1956 to 1972.

Today I suggest you familiarize yourself with the industry giant closer.

Power plant 6,000,000 kW. In Russia’s share of electricity production Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station is up 2.8%, while the share in the total production of hydro generation reaches 13.5%.

1. Dam powerhouse length of 360 m

2. Administration Building. Only the power plant employs about 500 people.

3. Engine room. There are 12 hydroelectric units.

4. The capacity of each of them — 500 MW, they work with design head of 93 meters.

5. Operative and operational department. It employs duty machinists.

6. "The top of the" generator.





11. The reconstruction of the 12th hydraulic.

12. Turbine reconstructed unit.

13. Part of the generator.

14. And in the engine room for many years, growing lemon. And he even bears fruit.

15. We get down to the level below the machine room. Technical corridors.

16. Turbine. Water descending the water pipes, spins the turbine, the rotation of which is converted into electrical current hydrogenerator.

17. Technical areas near the turbine.



20. Emergency communication is provided for stationary phones.

21. Central control hydroelectric plant.

22. View of the outside of the computer room.

23. The average height of the dam reaches 117 meters (maximum — 128).

24. The first pillar of power transmission lines running from the power plant.

25. Inside the dam.


27. Culverts. According to him the water supplied to the hydraulic units.

28. Panorama of the dam. By Coppermine.

29. At the Krasnoyarsk HPP regular monitoring work status of the dam.

< p> 30. The view from the ridge.


32. ORU-1 at 220 kV (open distribution system) is designed for the reception and distribution of electric energy.

33. Electricity pylon, going to the OSG-2 500-kV. Not enough inscription "Hollywood" on the mountain ;)

34. Most people when they look at GES asked what kind of design on top. This gantry crane. Such cranes are needed to open and close the gates of the spillway, mix different loads on the dam, as well as raise and lower the guard grille culverts.

35. Gateway. With a large level of water in the reservoir, the floodgates are opened to dump water on empty. Last summer, the water was very small, so that the spillway had all year.

36. Sudopoemnik Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station — the only one in Russia.

37. View of the power plant from the bridge over the Yenisei on the M54 highway.

38. View from the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

39. The view from the 30 meter platform on the mountain.

40. The view from the left coast.

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