Krasnoyarsk kombaynostroiteli started production of a new self-propelled combine

OAO "PO" Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant ", which is under the control of the company" Concern "Tractor Plants" (included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV), has launched production of a new self-propelled forage harvester "AGROMASH CSC 11." The convenience and ease of use, high throughput and performance benefits allocate a new processor among peers, on the market forage equipment.


Self-propelled harvester "AGROMASH CSC 11" is designed for cutting green and selection of rolls slightly dried seeded and natural grass, harvesting corn and other high cultures while chopping and loading the crushed mass in the vehicle.

A distinctive feature of this technology is its automation. The computer installed in the cab responds to any changes in parameters such as the engine oil temperature, the work coil and the processing units. An important advantage of the improved cabin "AGROMASH CSC 11" is a convenient layout of controls, the presence of the remote control light and sound signaling the combine. Full automation of processes provides the most comfortable working environment with high performance.


In addition, the smart machine "AGROMASH CSC 11" offers the comfort and convenience for its operator. This is achieved by the central location of booths, the availability of air conditioning, heating, increased glass area and tinted windows.

The proposed design flow chart of the combine is taken, proven in use by world leaders in the production of forage harvesting machinery. Technological parameters of the permit, with the appropriate equipment, switch to a higher class combine and be competitive in comparison with the best of foreign and domestic vehicles.

In the base combine harvester equipped with herbal capture 5 meters. On request can be equipped with the pickup and the header for the tall-cultures (rotary), foreign or domestic production.

Combine "AGROMASH CSC 11" consists of a self-propelled chopper and Couplers: Cutting grass, pick-and tall-header for crops. Self-propelled forage consists of a frame, the bridge of the drive wheels, axle steering wheels, engine-power unit, cabin, the feeder, grinding machine, spout with the mechanism of acceleration of herbal weight control mechanisms and gidroelektrooborudovaniya.

Forage harvester equipped with a motor unit on the basis of economical six-cylinder 263-horsepower engine Sisu84 DSBAE with a displacement of 8.4 liters. This engine with charge air cooler is certified by Russian standards on emissions Tier2.

In the back of the frame combine "AGROMASH CSC-11" posted a motor plant, which improves weight distribution and eliminates the "galloping" in the implementation process and spans.

The maximum efficiency of the combine "AGROMASH CSC-11" is 170 t / h. Innovative harvester developed by national experts has high traffic. Operating weight with the combine harvester for harvesting herbs 5m width is 12900 kg, which is significantly greater than the previous generation of technology.

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