Krasnoyarsk milk is considered the best in Russia

On the eve of Sochi summed up the annual All-Russian contest "The quality of dairy products in 2012," which was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Two Krasnoyarsk producer received gold medals for a number of its products. This was reported in the press service of the regional ministry of agriculture and food policy.

For the Committee was presented more than 370 samples of dairy products from 205 companies in the country. Minusinskoye venture of "Milk" won the gold medal for oil "Country", a fermented milk drink "Bifilife" and whey drink with natural juices. Ltd. "Sharipovskoye milk" also received a gold medal for oil "Peasant" cheese "Susanin" and drinking skim milk.
This is not the first award edge of the dairy industry. Ltd. "Sharipovskoye milk" has received a gold medal of the competition in 2009, of "Milk" — in 2010."Every year the competition attracted a growing number of participants, and another recognition for our businesses speaks to their systematic work on quality — said the regional minister of agriculture and food policy Leonid Shorohov. — This is very important. In addition, participation in such contests, the highest score of competent professionals directly affect the success of the promotion of products, its impact on awareness and demand, which is especially important in light of the country’s accession to the WTO. Stable quality and activity of the position of these companies allow us to say that our brands are widely known outside the region, "Uyar meat", "CSC Minusinsk", "Milko", "Art", "Yarsk" and so on — joined by two more. "
Production Company "Sharipovskoye Milk" is implemented in the stores Sharypovskogo and Kemerovo region, and the production of "Milk" is not sold in the southern areas of the province, but also in Krasnoyarsk.

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