Krasnoyarsk observatory opened since the beginning of the year about 300 variable stars


Krasnoyarsk, October 27 — RIA Novosti, Anton Andreev. Astronomical Observatory of the Siberian State Aerospace University (Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk) opened with the beginning of the year about 300 variable stars, told RIA Novosti Sergei Veselkov director of the observatory.

According to him, the stars were discovered by astronomers at the Krasnoyarsk own original observational material, but with the help of colleagues from the State Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University (SAI).

"I can say that parts of the sky, which we have found new stars are found mainly in the constellation Cassiopeia and the Lizard and beyond the Milky Way — in the area of the Great Bear. Exact location will not be called until the publication of the results, it will be documented evidence of superiority Open "- said Veselkov.

Open star after confirmation of their discovery will receive appropriate notation and will be included in the catalogs of variable stars.

SibSAU Observatory — the only one in the Krasnoyarsk region with an international identification code — "Observatory C06." In 2011, the observatory was opened about 200 variable stars.

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