Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia has become a leader in terms of household income

According to Krasnoyarskstata, following the 2012 Krasnoyarsk region ranked first among the 12 regions of the Siberian Federal District in terms of per capita income, which was in the region 21 694.5 rubles. At last — the republic of Tuva, where income levels are reached 11 647.7 rubles.

The average monthly nominal wage of employees of organizations Krasnoyarsk region in 2012 amounted to RUB 28,734.3. — This is the first place among the SFO. High wages also developed in Tomsk (27 375,7 rubles.) And Irkutsk (26 044.7 rubles.) Regions, the lowest — in the Altai region (16 007,8 rubles.).

The largest size of the average monthly pension assigned at the end of December 2012 of the Siberian Federal District recorded in the Tomsk region (10 024,1 rubles.), In second place — the Krasnoyarsk Territory (9 840.8 rubles.). The lowest average pension is marked in the Altai Republic — 8 280.8 rubles.

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