Krasnoyarsk scientists have created a high-efficiency solar cells


It seems to be reinventing the wheel in the energy sector is no longer possible. However, the development of Krasnoyarsk scientists seem to be able to turn conventional ideas about getting power. Solar panels "VEK" resident KRITBI, small innovative enterprises "SibINVENT-COSMOS" (IPI SibSAU), accessible for the cheapest world counterparts, with better and more efficient the most expensive. How to assure their creators, they can work up to a hundred years old, which is 3-5 times higher than counterparts in lifetime. The developers of the Krasnoyarsk sure — they are able to make energy-efficient battery very real revolution in the energy sector.

"One set of 10-15 kW is able to provide energy to complete a country cottage, equipped with all necessary appliances. In this case, all the investment will pay off in just a few months ", — says the project manager solar panels "AGE" CTO "SibINVENT-Cosmos", PhD Boris Shagari.He is confident that the revolution may well begin in your personal backyard. Significant advantage of solar panels is that they can be mounted on any suitable buildings, structures or vacant lot and do not require skilled care. Of special maintenance — only the annual washing of the work surface. But given the frequency of rainfall in Siberia, even this is not necessary. Nature will wash your personal power station itself.

It is remarkable that in the conditions of Siberia and the Far North the more solar installations even more relevant than in the south. Just a difference in investing here more palpable. It’s no secret that the remote northern villages receive electricity from diesel generators. It is expensive, and most of this can not be avoided. However, the six or seven months of the year when the Arctic Circle the sun is shining, the battery could very well become an alternative source of energy. Compared with the liquid fuel costs drop significantly. Pilot projects have already been implemented in some regions and proven effective.

According Shagarova, solar power is relevant today as ever. If you look at the energy balance of the possible sources of energy in the world, we see that the lion’s share is just the sun.

"Now we do not use it in the required amount, but it is only a matter of time, — ‘m Shagari. — Water resources almost exhausted, the combustion of any fuel was in any way harmful to the environment. Nuclear power is complicated and expensive. "

According to the calculations of the Russian scientists, today, one kilowatt of generating capacity coal-fired plant costs an average of fifteen hundred dollars. Cistern slightly cheaper — 1-1,2 thousand dollars. The cost of nuclear kilowatt passes already over two thousand dollars. Solar energy with the introduction of the new development will be radically cheaper — only $ 100 per kilowatt installed in the module, which will allow fast return on investment, and even the sale of surplus power to the grid to make a profit. In order for solar energy has penetrated into every home, yard, needs a coup. First of all, in the minds of the people, — says Shagari.

However, the revolution has already taken place in the world. As usual, the main Chinese revolutionaries began. With the help of his nostrums — dumping, based on cheap labor — they’ve managed to derail the global solar energy market. The first Germans fell. Americans are kept, and that because of the protective duties on display in the United States.

Shagari explains the technique of domination in the market: "The Chinese have reduced the price to $ 0.8 per watt. Worldwide, solar watts goes for about a dollar. This does not mean that the Chinese have some special technology — they watt is the same dollar. Simply, they decided to wait a bit to work at a loss. Their powerful and low-cost manufacturing, with the support of the state, of course, sustain. German manufacturers of solar panels here could not stand ".

Krasnoyarsk solar watt will cost several times cheaper — $ 0.1. Today it Krasnoyarsk technology, in fact, is a revolutionary. "Winning in China can only be due to new knowledge. Measure them with resources, especially human, it is meaningless. Because we have relied on the development of fundamentally new and cheap technology of solar panels ", — Shagari explains.

By the way, Krasnoyarsk developed technology for producing photovoltaic inverter which is precisely to reduce the cost of electricity, has recently been recognized — the prize "for the successful promotion of innovation in solar energy" in the XI Russian Innovation Contest in Moscow.


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