Krasnoyarsk scientists have developed biodegradable polymers for medical purposes

Catherine Shishatskaya biophysicist, who developed the technology of biodegradable polymers


Siberian Federal University at the end of 2012 will open the plant for the production of biodegradable polymers for medical use, said one of the authors of the project, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Catherine Shishatskaya at a press conference at the press center of the "Interfax-Siberia" in Krasnoyarsk.

Products made of biodegradable polymeric materials are now undergoing clinical trials in the medical institutions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This tube bile ducts, and polymer coated surgical mesh to strengthen the post-operative abdominal cavity. In addition, there is a preparation for testing biodegradable surgical thread, tubular products for the simulation of three-dimensional matrix of bone, cartilage, soft tissue, skin, man.

"Suture of our soluble polymer after the wound heals. Copies of damaged bones and joints are used as long as the bone is restored, then the implant disappear, self-destructs ", — E. Shishatskaya explained.

The cost of the project, according to Catherine Shishatskaya be about 120 million rubles. During the development stage, he was supported by Regional Scientific Foundation of $ 5.3 million. Required equipment worth 38 million rubles were purchased in Switzerland and South Korea.

"The building provides us with SFU. This is about 50% of the costs. Funds for the design, procurement and installation of equipment — 60 million — will provide the Ministry of Education of the program megagrantov. The design capacity of the mini-plant — up to 100 kg of biodegradable plastics per year, more is not necessary ", — Said Catherine Shishatskaya.

Shishatskaya Catherine Igorivna — Doctor of Biological Sciences, winner of the President of Russia for young scientists in 2009, awards outstanding scientists of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences in 2008 and the award of Academician Lavrenova 2008.

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