Krasnoyarsk scientists have developed dentures feldspar

Krasnoyarsk scientists have developed a new technology to manufacture dentures feldspar, they will take root in the human body better than artificial ceramics, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday one of the sponsors Michael Zvigintsev.

According to him, development is three to four times cheaper than peers in the U.S. and Japan. The technology is the use of an inert NiTi-titanium alloy, ceramics used as feldspar from the vicinity of the city Divnogorsk.

"Divnogorsky feldspar best in Russia. On the quality of it is slightly inferior to the stone, which is used by dental technician United States and Japan, but it is still a very high quality natural raw materials. Main advantage of the spar — inertia, that is harmless to the body," — said the author of the project. 

He noted that the new technology is especially important for people with diabetes — they often do not survive dental implants.

According Zvigintseva, the Soviet Union was the experience of the use of feldspar for dentures, companies that make them, was in Leningrad, but now the production is stopped. The new technology is fundamentally different in composition of the metal and the quality of the stone.

"We are still in the experimental stage, before the introduction of mass production could take five or ten years. Now important to develop technology," — said the scientist. He added that now the trial prosthesis of feldspar are already on volunteers who conclude the authors of the project a special agreement to participate in the experiment.

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