Krasnoyarsk shipbuilders launched the barge-platform

At Krasnoyarsk shipyard launched the new self-propelled vessel — it was twenty-sixth in the overall fleet renewal program of the Yenisei Shipping Company. This year is the first ship that disappeared from the shipyard slipway.

"PD-3004" — the fourth barge project in 1960, which has the largest capacity of 3,000 tons. The vessel was built by order of "Yenisei River Shipping" and is intended for the carriage of cargoes of open storage (wood, coal, mineral construction materials), as well as vehicles, equipment, containers. Recall, the first ship of this project was built in 2011.

According to the General Director of JSC "ERP" Alexander Ivanov: "To date, the largest exposed to wear, just not self-propelled fleet in the face of severe shipping conditions and aridity. Update it our first priority. "

On the construction of three thousand barges involved more than 60 people working the shore of the core business, the cost of the vessel is about 60 million. Traditionally, the ship is painted in blue corporate color of the Yenisei River Shipping Company.

The work at the shipyard did not stop there: "Today, we have already begun to assemble the 27th barges, and at the end of this year will start out cutting metal 28th barge-platform" — said General Director of JSC "Krasnoyarsk shipyard" Alexander Vac.

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