Krasnoyarsk shipyard finished building another barge

Construction of the barge "BSP-1003" with capacity of 1,170 tons of finished, left to make the shifting of the barge from the assembly jig position before engine start, and after the descent of the vessel to the water mooring and sea trials and present Russian River Register.

Barges new project Krasnoyarsk shipyard started building in 2011. "BSP-1003" third barge project 0150/2907 is designed to transport a wide range of cargo (timber, coal, mineral construction materials), as well as vehicles, equipment, containers.

 A feature of this vessel is full compliance with all current safety regulations and sanitary and environmental standards. Contours of the hull modeled on new technologies. Thus, the vessel body has the lowest resistance, that at the same load it allows pusher with less traction characteristics.

The cost of construction is about 23 million rubles

Just a couple of weeks shipbuilders launched on another barges carrying capacity of 3,000 tons, in August, will hand over the barge loading capacity of 2,000 tons, and at the end of the year a barge of 3,000 tons.

According to the program of fleet renewal of "ERP", in 2012 Krasnoyarsk shipyard will join the fleet of ships ERP four new barges.


Project 0150/2907 was developed, LLC "GTSKB" (Nizhny Novgorod).

Dimensions: length -67.28 m, width — 14.8 m, depth — 1.9 6m. Russian River Register class "+ P1, 2 ‘

Load capacity in the class "P" in 1170 that

Mean draft 0.33 m empty

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