Krasnoyarsk Territory: completing the construction of hydropower Boguchan, is recruiting and training specialists

In the Krasnoyarsk region Boguchan completed construction of hydroelectric power plants. The first power station will give out next summer. While builders complete the installation work, personnel officers are studying hundreds of resumes — the station needs tens of specialists.

A set of experts — Hydropower carried out during 2011 on a competitive basis. At the end of a job in OJSC "Boguchan power plant" made of 235 people (75% of staff required for start-up of the first three units). 


In 2011, the total number of personnel of «Boguchan power plant" has grown from 1340 to 1646 (along with the employees of contractors working on the construction of more than 4,000 people.) The programs of retraining and attended 540 employees of "Boguchan power plant". 

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The average monthly wage of employees of the Company (RusHydro) in 2011 increased by 11.3% and amounted to 37,818 rubles. This is higher than the growth of the consumer price index in Russia for 2011 by 5.2%. Crednemesyachnaya wages for employees working trades increased in comparison with 2010 by 12.6% and amounted to 29,556 rubles.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement has continued to increase social benefits of workers’ Boguchan power plant ". During the year, were increased financial assistance in connection with the birth of a child, the cost of rehabilitation of children of employees increased by 20%. In Krasnoyarsk travel agencies for children of employees was acquired 41 pass, 25 of them — in the camp south. Expenses on health workers (payment vouchers, transportation to the place of treatment, etc.) increased by 25%. As a result, social benefits per employee in 2010 amounted to 7760 rubles, in 2011 — 12,500 rubles. 


February 20, 2012

equipment installation switchgear assembly 

installation of hydraulic tokovodov number 2


tokovody and mounted hydraulic switchboard number 1 


installation of ventilation in the service and industrial building 


installation of hydroelectric number 1

installation of hydroelectric number 2 

installation of hydroelectric number


installation of hydroelectric number 4 


switchgear assembly hall for 500 kV 


installation of electrical equipment on the roof of the office-industrial structure




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