Krasnoyarsk — the fastest growing city-millionaire Russian

The population growth Krasnoyarsk in 2012 was 1.9% reported Rosstat. No city-millionaire Russia had in the last year of high growth rates.

Absolute growth of the city population was 19,069 people, according to this indicator among the cities-millionaires Krasnoyarsk was second only to Moscow (An increase of 123 thousand or 1.0%), St. Petersburg (An increase of 75 thousand, or 1.5%) and Novosibirsk (An increase of 25 thousand, or 1.7%).

Krasnoyarsk, not only in the past year has exceeded one million residents, but also reaching 1,016,385 people per January 1, 2013 overtaken Perm,
which is still in 2011 once again become a city-millionaire. The next city-millionaire who will overtake Krasnoyarsk is Volgograd, from Krasnoyarsk moved from 14th to 12th place in terms of population, leaving behind three cities already a millionaire: Volgograd, Perm and Voronezh.

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