«KRASUHA-4» — a formidable weapon against any air targets a unique complex of electronic warfare are adopted by the RUSSIAN ARM

Brand new car «Krasuha-4» — Severe weapon in the struggle with the fact though what the enemy air targets. Only she did not prevail against strong missiles or anti-aircraft guns quick-mnogokalibernymi guns. «Krasuha» literally making planes and missiles blind and deaf. Report on a brand new unique complex electronic warfare prepared channel «Russia-24».

Yesterday about this machine could not be read not only in the media, and outside the defense plants and specially protected units. It was something to hide. «Krasuha-4» — New and one of the Russian military-industrial complex development sverhtehnologichny.

«The system makes such conditions that hit enemies in our aircraft and shoot down one or the other plane is very difficult in complex» Krasuha-4. » 99% that it is unrealistic, «- said General Director Nikolai Kolesov KRET.

Such smart car — its weight in gold. Their task — to act on the principal strategic directions. Where especially active razvedovatelnaya aircraft and even satellites of cosmic intelligence grouping. Tactical and technical characteristics «Krasuhi-4» — Military Enigma. But it is clear from public sources, that the radius of its acts exceed 300 km. On the question of height with a smirk developers say: «enough, not enough not to seem.»

With a unique hardware «Krasuha-4» can operate effectively even on how aerial targets are equally excellent. Unrealistic, but the fact is, neither the speed nor the height of the air combat adversary on the properties of the complex have no effect.

According to Theodore Dmitruk, CEO Bryansk Electromechanical Plant, facility allows you to find the aircraft, produce seizure-support and, if necessary, put a spoiler.

Fourth model of the complex electronic warfare — an improved version. Instead of analog — a figure instead of 3 cars — two. Product «Krasuha-4» taken at 2-chassis that is perceptible advantage. Predudyschaya model is situated on 3 cars.

Any such fee for «Krasuhi» done at least two weeks. But replaces several massive shifanerov with equipment and miles of wires. Unique machines themselves poyayut chip. Employees can only keep control of the process.

New details antennas allow not just spin 360 degrees, and in all directions completely. Unusual development and production of the antenna. Form of a dish, it is assigned in a hydraulic press. 400 l. water pressure of 12 atmospheres provide impeccable silhouette of receiving and transmitting devices.

First ustoroystvo antenna provides reception, the second — the transmission. Plate secured to the frame and mounted on a wheelbase — a four KAMAZ-terrain vehicle. So that the complex can operate a mobile and in the Arctic, and the Arabian Desert. Reliability promised at temperatures from minus to plus fifty degrees.

«Krasuha-4» held municipal tests. Produced and given to the troops today 10 complexes. It is a harsh assistance for our strategic aviation, fighter aircraft, «- said Nikolai Kolesov.

Where will serve as the most hidden machine, no one knows. But the factory workers are convinced — the result will be a perfect match.

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