KrAZ delivers trucks to East Africa


Ukrainian holding company "KrAZ" (Kremenchug, Poltava region)., The only Ukrainian producer of heavy trucks,
expanded its supply of products to the countries of East Africa, for the first time following the order for the supply of cars in the small East African country — Rwanda.

Until the end of December 2011. in this country will be put cars on the KrAZ-65101 with the special equipment factory "Pozhspetsmash" (Chernihiv, Chernihiv region.) and a special workshop with a hydraulic crane on the KrAZ-65053, produced in partnership with the company "Nefteavtomatika" (Poltava).
In December of this year cars have been inspected by representatives of the customer, and the results of the inspection signed the Act of cars manufactured under the terms of the contract.

According to the representative of the customer, special machinery on KrAZ has been proved their reliability, ease of maintenance in operation and maintainability.
Fire truck has a tank capacity of 8000 liters of water. Mobile workshop is equipped with a crane, an independent generator set for the welding work, power tool, which allows you to perform repairs of heavy vehicles in the field. Bay to accommodate working air conditioning.

"KrAZ" produces 33 basic models, more than 260 modifications and models of KrAZ vehicles to operate in all sectors of the economy and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Cars Ukrainian holding "KrAZ" is also used in more than 60 countries.

In the current year, "KrAZ", is expected to increase output by 10% compared with 2010 — to 1100 units.
In 2010, the car plant produced 1,002 trucks — by 3.6 times more than in 2009.
HC "KrAZ" part of the financial-industrial group "Finance and Credit", controlled by Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Zhevago.

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