KrAZ increase production of high-purity aluminum


In the next six months, the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant will start 10 cells in the body to produce high-purity aluminum (AVCH) that will allow the company to increase production of this metal at 2,000 tons per year.

Part of the cells housing two years ago at the height of the global financial crisis have been stopped. But now the demand for these products is growing in the world. KrAZ launched a program to restore the cells. Today metallurgists have metal from the first cell AVCH started up again. With the introduction of the ten baths in case there will be new jobs.

"This is an important event for our production — on the cell number 27, we received the first metal and sent it to the casting department — said the director of the aluminum production KrAZ Eugene Kuryanov — For six months, in strict accordance with the schedule, we will enter into operation another 9 baths. We have returned to their jobs specialists, who in 2009 went to work in other sections of the plant. And in addition we will hire new people. The economic situation in the world shows that our aluminum will be in demand. "

KrAZ — the only plant in the CIS, is engaged in production of ultra-pure aluminum (99.996%). It is used in the production of computer hard drives, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, as well as in the aerospace and defense industries. The main supplies of aluminum with KrAZ go to Asia, Japan and the United States.

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