KrAZ increases the volume of production

In the third quarter of this year KrAZ has shown better results in comparison with the first two. Manufacture of motor vehicles, according to the first quarter increased by 2.8 times, the second — by 1.5 times.

From the beginning, now produced 635 units of KrAZ vehicles — it is almost at the same period last year (for the first 9 months of 2012 produced 637 units.).


September was the most productive month of 2013: the company has not only managed to keep the pace of production in August, but a few exceed it. On the main line descended 107 automobile cars: the rate of growth of production in August was 102%. In general, the number of produced vehicles last month share chassis was 63%, special-purpose vehicles — 32%, the rest — trucks and tractors. Basically, in September, performed the external economic contracts.

The final indicator of the production line in September of this year, the highest among the similar results for the last five years.

As for the development of new models, in September, work continued on the final design, testing, and certification of new products: zernovoznogo train KrAZ-6511S4 "Caravan" and KrAZ-5401K2V (on which is mounted as an experimental add-on — a vacuum cleaner). After the successful completion of the performance tests in Kremenchug, communal KrAZ moved to Kyivautodor, where he continued testing, cleaning the streets of the capital.

Tractor-trailer-grain actively demonstrated on various agrovystavkah, collecting feedback and comments for future users, which will go on after a brief performance tests in several food companies.

Work is underway to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

Successfully passed the recertification audit, which confirmed that the quality management system of PJSC "KrAZ" meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.


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