KrAZ produced the first batch of combined road machines KrAZ S20.2R Dorozhnik


Holding Company "KrAZ" produced the first batch of combined road machines KrAZ S20.2R "Dorozhnik" (6CH4), based on the fifth generation of a dump truck KrAZ with the arrangement of "cab-over-engine." The car is equipped with attachments for winter road maintenance Croatian company «RASCO» cabin and the French company «Renault».

On the "Road Builder" a 6-cylinder engine Yaroslavl JAMZ-6501.10 (Euro 3), capacity of 362 hp, single-plate clutch MFZ 430 and manual dual-band transmission 9JS200TA. Cab car — Renault Kerax — has high ergonomics of the driver: a comfortable seat with air suspension, adjustable in height and angle the steering column, functional dashboard that provides the driver with comfort and low fatigue during operation.

Combined road car KrAZ S20.2R "Dorozhnik" with a snow and anti-icing equipment company «RASCO» is intended for clearing snow from the highways and roads of settlements, as well as drawing on the pavement deicing chemicals that prevent frosting on the roads and the creation of snow rolling on them.

Versatile road combined machine that after removal equipment can be used both tipper, or as a base for watering equipment.

New Kremenchug "Dorozhnik" is equipped with a rotary spreader SOLID modular design with light tanks: for solid reagents — 10 m3 for liquid reagent — the volume of 2880 liters. Easy assembly / disassembly of the spreader on the dump truck body provides a support system Ro-Ro.

Electronic control equipment ensures its work in automatic mode and performs quality control parameters of the equipment. Snow Blade consists of sections, its design allows to overcome the obstacles of up to 6 cm in the "floating" mode without the driver. It is equipped with auxiliary wheels, replaceable steel blades, border protection bumpers and protivosnezhnoy cab car. Tilt and rotation systems allow the blade to clean the snow left and right sides of the road at an angle of 30 ° and 36 °.

Spreader deicing chemicals — track modular construction — a high-quality corrosion-resistant coating. The bottom of the spreader nozzle outlet and the distribution plate made of stainless steel.

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