KrAZ represents a new category of MRAP armored vehicle

"KrAZ" in partnership with the Indian company SHRI LAKSHMI DEFENCE SOLUTIONS LTD (SLDSL), (g Kanpur) has launched a new armored vehicle KrAZ-01-1-11/SLDSL. KrAZ-01-1-11/SLDSL — multi-purpose vehicle in the performance of MRAP (born Mine Resistant Ambush Protected — Protected from the sap of ambushes and attacks) — Is designed for timely delivery of personnel of military units and to provide fire support, can be used as a carrier of various weapons and military equipment.

The base served as an armored car wheel drive car chassis KrAZ-5233VE 4X4 wheel formula with right-hand drive, equipped with a 330-horsepower engine JAMZ-238DE2. Indian experts to book the important components of a vehicle — car, power plant, fuel tanks, battery, transmission components and the transport module.

Protection against small arms and weapons of mass destruction provided: one-piece body support structure, reinforced armor steel double doors and side walls, the space between them is filled with Ex-material thickness of 25 mm, floor design, consisting of three walls forming a wedge-shaped bottom, scattering a shock wave.

KrAZ-01-1-11/SLDSL armored car designed to transport 12 soldiers, it is equipped with a rotating turret Rigel MK1 with the angle of rotation of 360 °, 8 loopholes in the car and the means of communication: audio-visual surveillance system with 360 ° angle of rotation and cameras — Night Vision mirrors with a range of half a kilometer of the review.

The level of armor protection of vertical walls, bulletproof glass armor engine compartment corresponds to the level 3A STANAG 4569.

Explosion-proof material floor and side walls THIKA MINEPLATE exceeds the requirements of NATO STANAG 4569 level 2.

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