KrAZ show in Kiev kapotnik c new cabin


"AvtoKrAZ" to be held from 15 to 17 November in Kiev Exhibition "Avtodorexpo-2011" demonstrates the bonnet truck with a panoramic windscreen and a high roof.

Following the base of the fifth-generation car — KrAZ S18.1 (6×4) — A four-wheel drive KrAZ V18.1H 6×6 wheel. This car features a new exterior and interior design through the use of an integral plastic hood, panoramic windows, bumpers and dashboard.
Feature of the model car is a 360-horsepower 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine JAMZ-6511 (Euro 4). This power plant, manufactured by Yaroslavl Engine Plant under license from «Renault», equipped with exhaust gas recirculation, single disc clutch MFZ 430 and mechanical dual-band transmission 9JS200TA.
The exhibition shows the machine with a snow-icing and attachments brand Rasco — with blade width of 4 m, 9-hopper bottoms for the solid reactant, two 1,400-liter tanks for liquid reagent, a working width of 2 m to 12 m

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