KRET presented at Le Bourget latest navigation system in the avionics of Su-35s

  • Strapdown inertial navigation system SINS-SP2.  Photo from
  • Strapdown inertial navigation system SINS-SP2. Photo from

At the International Air Show "Le Bourget 2013" Russia introduced a multi-purpose fighter Su-35s, equipped with latest strapdown inertial navigation system SINS-SP2.

She designed and created at enterprises of Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) SC Rostekhnadzor.

SINS-SP2 system determines the location of the aircraft in the absence of satellite navigation and communications with terrestrial services.

The new navigation system will be used on the fighter of the fifth generation T-50, established within the framework of the program "promising aviation complex tactical aircraft" (PAK FA).

SINS-SP2 system is designed to determine the location of an object, complex processing and issuance of navigation and pilotage information. The system is capable of off-line in the absence of signals from the outside to determine the position and motion parameters of the object on which you installed. Architecture SINS-SP2 is based on three laser gyros and three quartz accelerometers.

Development and testing of equipment involved in the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation (MIEA) — one of the research centers KRET. Production SINS-SP2 mastered the industrial capacity of Ramenskoye Instrument Plant, Also included in the Group.

"SINS-SP2 system is able to operate at very high and very low temperatures from minus 60 to plus 60 degrees at an altitude of 25 kilometers, — said General Director of the MIEA Alexei Kuznetsov — the technical characteristics, it corresponds to the best world standards."

"The cost of the system is fully developed and produced by Russian companies, more than 40% lower than those of their foreign counterparts. This tactical and technical characteristics SINS-SP2 ahead of foreign equipment,
— says CEO Anatoly Chumakov RPGs. — We expect a high level of demand for SINS-SP2 both the military and civilians from customers. "

The life cycle of SINS-SP2 is 10 thousand hours. On civil aircraft will be installed three modified systems, and in the military — two. SINS-SP2 can be used as an air and on the sea, and ground equipment.

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