KRET signed a contract for the development of a unique set of electronic warfare

Kaluga Radio Engineering Research Institute (KRRTI), part of KRET signed at the MAKS-2013 contract with the Ministry of Defence to perform development work to create a unique set of electronic warfare (EW) "Hibiny-U" for frontline aircraft. The new complex will be superior to all types of airborne electronic warfare, consisting now in service. The cost of the contract is 1.6 billion rubles. 

Under the terms of the contract development work to create complex electronic warfare "Hibiny-U" will perform leading developer of electronic warfare aircraft KRRTI included in KRET.

"In addition to the head KRRTI artist to participate in the implementation of development projects will also bring a few of Concern — said General Director Nikolai Kolesov KRET. — Including the leading developer of tools and systems of protection against missiles with optical homing Samara Research Institute "Screen". Due to the cooperation of several companies, developers and application of modern high-tech solutions, we guarantee the creation of the most advanced set of electronic warfare. "

Complex "Hibiny-U" is designed to equip frontline aircraft the Air Force. In composition, equipment and facilities, the task and the effectiveness of it will be superior to all other types of electronic warfare, which are now in service with Air Force aircraft. Basic accommodation in the development work is scheduled to perform on the multifunctional fighter Su-30cm.

The cost of the contract, including the creation of prototypes and carrying out all kinds of tests, will be 1.6 billion.

In the future, does not exclude the development of an export version of the equipment for the interested foreign customers.

As previously reported, in August 2013 the two companies KRET — "Radio set" and NGOs "Electronics" — have signed agreements with the Company "Sukhoi", Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant and SPC "Design Bureau of Machine Building" for the supply of systems and public recognition for the fighter-bomber Su-34 anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M2", and man-portable air defense systems. The contracts amounted to 3 billion rubles.

FSUE "KALUZhSKIJj Radio Engineering Research Institute" (KRRTI)was founded in 1957. Develops electronic intelligence systems and jamming of various objects based, including aviation and space. Developed in KRRTI EW equipped with world-famous aircraft "Su". The institute created unparalleled in the world of helicopters, jammers, providing highly effective protection from air attack and air defense. For export organization offers container Jammer for individual and group protection of aircraft, helicopters, jammers, electronic intelligence facilities, upgrading of existing electronic warfare, as well as the creation of EW equipment and components electronic warfare in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

FSUE "SCREEN"was established in 1949. It is the only company in Russia that is developing a range of electronic warfare to protect the aircraft from the aircraft and air defense systems, including aviation electronic equipment, electronic part and optical-electronic means. Since 2005, the plant is actively developing one of the promising areas of electronic engineering industry (RAP) — the creation of laser stations suppression, providing effective protection of aircraft from MANPADS. In this direction"Screen"one of the four leading companies. At present the structure of the enterprise provides all the vital stages of development, production and testing of prototypes of electronic and optoelectronic products of military equipment. In recent years, as the lead on a number of fronts in the RAP, the company performs a major development for the state defense order, conducts large-scale reconstruction and technical re-equipment under the Federal Program"The development of defense industry"and the Federal Program"The development of electronic components and electronics", actively promoting its products to the domestic and foreign markets, is expanding its range of services.

CONCERN "RADIO TECHNOLOGY" (KRET)— Russia’s largest center instrument for defense and civilian industries. It was established in 2009. It is a part of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor. Is engaged in the development and production of electronic warfare (EW), avionics (electronic systems for aircraft) systems, IFF (GO), instrumentation for various purposes (IA), electrical connectors and cable systems, various household appliances, medical devices. The concern includes 95 organizations located in 28 regions of the Russian Federation. The number of employees holding — 67 thousand people. The products are delivered to 60 countries.

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