Kronstadt supplied the equipment for the new floating dock CCK

The Department of the ship and port equipment company "Kronstadt" has supplied the equipment set for "ship repair and shipbuilding corporation" (SSC, Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodets).

Delivered by "Kronstadt" equipment is intended for the construction of a new floating dock. Floating docks are floating structures with pryamostennymi entities in cross-section, designed for vertical lifting the vessel out of the water. For "SSC" company "Kronstadt" has shipped gas-ship doors and hatches Microplasma, roller set Tripomet and hydrophores Desmi for drinking water and seawater.

The shipment is the first collaboration of "Kronstadt" and ship repair and shipbuilding corporation. "In the future we hope to expand the range of supply of equipment for the enterprise, thus aiming to contribute to its development," — said the expert department of the ACT.

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