Kronstadt will show new developments at the MAKS-2011?

CJSC "RET Kronstadt "at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 will present new developments in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the chief of the department of geographic information technologies and automated systems enterprise Vladimir Voronov.

According to him, at the MAKS-2011 is planned to show the modified UAV "Watch-100."

In such a device has been successfully tested gyrostabilized Optoelectronic system COH-820 (it is composed of a night channel, thermal imager, daylight and thermal imaging camera channel), weighing 5 lbs. In addition to her on the UAV can be set and a digital camera. During the flight tests were obtained quality stabilization and image with good resolution and range, the source said.

Opto-electronic system SON 820 and optical surveillance system modularity SON-MR

"Kronstadt" and will try to demonstrate at the MAKS-2011 and its new development, while in the form layout. This new machine is mainly designed for civil works, said Voronov.

He said that the company plans to establish a civilian UAV applications weight of about 30 kg for aerial photography.

According to unofficial reports, the new development is conducted under the code "Owl".

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