KRU has invested in the modernization of factories Kedrovskaya more than 90 million rubles

JSC "MC KRU" completed a large-scale modernization of the processing plant "Kedrovskaya" the value of which exceeded 90 million rubles, the company said.

Modernization of PF will allow a 90% reduction in discharge of sludge and create additional jobs.

As part of modernization on PF "Kedrovskaya" has mounted a modern filter press, equipped with an automated control system, a new centrifuge, high-frequency rumble, replaced pumps, pipes, etc. A total of 18 units a set of new equipment.


Technical capabilities of the new units allow a high percentage of the effectiveness of selected co-product of enrichment — small cuttings. Then picked up by the sludge is mixed with a special chemical additive and enters the dewatering in the filter press. The output is a "cake" — the product is not inferior to the characteristics of coal concentrate ash content not exceeding 7.5%. Each year, the factory plans to capture and process more than 90 tons of sludge, thereby resetting it will decrease by almost 90% — up to 15-20 thousand tons per year. In addition, the RP embedded design for fire protection, modified notification system — in the company has more than 150 speakers.

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