KRU updates the park dump trucks

"KRU" continues the modernization of the park of the main mining equipment. In 2013 investment plan envisaged the acquisition of 27 new technology BelAZ brand vehicles.

To date, the company’s businesses received 20 new mining trucks. This car BelAZ-75306 220 tons and BelAZ-75131 capacity of 130 tons. In total, the company plans to acquire 14 BelAZ 220 tons and 13 cars carrying capacity of 130 tons, including two uglevoza. To implement this program, the company has attracted investment borrowings of $ 1.5 billion.

BelAZ-75131-75306 and BelAZ the most common brands of trucks on the sections of the company. They are optimally combined with the excavation park "Kuzbassrazrezuglja." Today, the process for the whole company employs more than 350 cars is these brands.

Recall peak renewal of the pit dump "Kuzbassrazrezuglja" was in the last year, when the company’s enterprises received a total of more than 100 new vehicles of various capacities.

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